Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On The Island ~ Munich, Germany

After a morning of enjoying the Marienplatz with our Go Ahead Tour Group we headed back to our hotel. It was tucked in a little corner across the river from downtown. Having a whole afternoon to ourselves we decided to head out from the hotel and see what we could see. What we found was this cute little park which was on a little island section of the riverwalk. (click on the small photos to see the larger version)
 I love this photo because, to me, it conveys the "feel" of the place. Shady, cool, green, beautiful. A good deal of the park was just like this. And, since it was getting to be a very warm afternoon, all of this greenery and shade was more than welcome.
 The views along the river were beautiful. Church spires and shady lanes really did invite you to keep walking, keep exploring. Originally we were only going to walk to the park and walk back and then we saw this view and wanted to find our way to those spires.
 This little fish fountain made me smile. We took a few moments to hang out here, enjoy the cool mist splashing off of the fountain and enjoy the whimsical design of it. 
The spires ended up being St. Luke's Cathedral. To get there we had to cross the river over to the other side and walk back down another shady lane to the front of the church. From that view it was impossible to see more than the front doors so the good view is actually from the other side of the river!
 The inside is nothing like the outside. Inside it looked like, well, Hogwarts...for those who have seen the Harry Potter movies. It was not like I expected it to be at all based on the outside of the building. I think that's one of the reasons I really liked it. It surprised me.
We had to recross the river to the other side and took the Mariannenbrucke back towards our hotel. The building at the left is the Mullersches Volksbad which translates to Mueller's Public Baths. It is an indoor swimming pool built because the man who gave the buildings to the city made it a condition of the donation.
We passed this display on the way back to our hotel room and just couldn't resist. It turned out to be sort of like a pizza. The crispy dough is filled with tomato sauce, chopped herbs and then topped with more tomatoes and cheese. It cost about $5 and was simply huge...and wonderfully delicious!

Saturday we'll head out to Nymphenburg Palace. Hope you can join us!


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