Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle: First Looks

We got off of the carriage at a point almost all the way up the mountain but still had about a mile to walk up the steep path. About halfway we got our first glimpse of the Castle.
To say I was enthralled is an understatement. Now, honestly, we were both winded and really wanted the break in our steep uphill walk but the castle is truly amazing from this vantage point.

 It has everything you could possibly wish for in a romantic Fairy Tale Castle. Different types of Turrets were just one of the features that I fell head over heels in love for here at Neuschwanstein.
 I wasn't prepared for how steep the walls would be. We had been to palaces and other castles and while their walls were tall they were nothing like the walls for this castle.
 You can see by how tiny the people are in this photo just how tall those walls actually were. It would seem like an impossible idea to scale these walls.
 But the romantic details are what remind you that this was built to be a Fairy Tale Castle, not just a fortress.
 On the tallest turret is this Knight on his Steed slaying a Dragon. It is just one of the romantic details.
 But even the simplest of windows had beautiful details added. The view was very important to Ludwig II so there were big windows on each side of the castle on all levels to allow him to see that view out.
 Yup, found a lion! Grand and guarding the tallest building peak, this lion is magnificent!
 Set out on a cliff with a stone moat surrounding it, the Castle is stunning. Truly breathtaking.
The entrance to the castle, set against the Alps, is covered in the salmon colored stone. The wide balcony and courtyard at the entrance allows you beautiful views of the forest below. There is an overlook area below the castle with a gift shop/cafe and you can grab a seat and rest while gazing at the castle or the valley floor below. After dreaming about seeing this for so many years I couldn't believe I was actually standing from this view point and seeing the castle of my dreams. 

Friday I'll take you inside that entrance! That is where the Fairy Tale actually begins! Until then you can get more photos of beautiful places on Instagram. Just follow shutterbugtraveler there!

See you on Friday!


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