Thursday, October 15, 2015

Monterey ~ Tarpy's Roadhouse

Ok, I get it, you hear the name "Tarpy's Roadhouse" and you envision hay and peanut shells on the floor and bikers at the bar. Now the people at the bar might actually be bikers but this elegant eatery on Highway 68 in Monterey, California is far from the hay and peanuts crowd, despite it's name.
 It's easy to find and just a few minutes away from downtown Monterey. As soon as you arrive you get a little confused about the name. It has this beautiful garden setting that says "Bistro" not "Roadhouse".
 Once you walk into the courtyard the mystery is not solved. Funny little statues are hidden here or there to add a bit of whimsy to the eatery.
 While you enjoy the funny sculptures make sure to take in all of the beautiful plants and flowers that surround you here at Tarpy's.
 Ahhh...a glimpse of the bar. We were there at lunch time and with a little one in tow so there was no bar time for us this trip.
 However it definitely looks like a great place to hang out! The restaurant is really bright and airy. I was reminded of a French Bistro myself....maybe it was the rooster in the entrance way?
 The restaurant is divided up into a few different rooms. There is this more private back room, perfect for a small wedding reception or anniversary dinner, a bigger room that, while less private, holds a lot more people. Combine the two for enough seating for a larger event like a 50th Birthday party!
 Then there is the patio in area of the courtyard. With such amazing weather in the Monterey Bay Area this is a lovely place to enjoy a lunch or a summertime dinner.
 Finally there is a side patio which looked to have about a dozen tables. Shaded by a grape arbor, this area is perfect for that little romantic getaway for two.
 We sat indoors in the biggest of the rooms and picked up the menu. I, not being the parent of the little guy with us but rather the grandparent who was neither on child duty nor driving, dove right into the Noon-Tails part of the menu. But, as you can see here, there is a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
 I chose the Da'Kine. The combo of Ron Zacapa rum, loganberry, orange, pineapple, ginger and lemon just sounded SO good...and it lived up to my expectations!
 We started with the Parmesan Kale Chips. Rich and crispy and so good that the left overs of these went home with us to enjoy later that day!
Choosing from the varied menu was a hard one for all of us. One of us got the Chile Crusted Chicken Breast. Doused in an apricot bbq sauce and paired with gruyere scalloped potatoes and brocolli rabe it was even better than it looks!
 One of us can't resist spare ribs so it was an obvious move for him to pick the Baby Back Ribs with the roadhouse fries. 
 But Me? Oh I fell head over heels for the "Snake River Farms" Kobe Burger. Served on a toasted bun with melted Brie and topped with applewood bacon, Maine lobster...yes, I said lobster...and slathered with truffle aioli and it had the roadhouse fries on the side. Truly decadence on a bun. So good I was sad it filled me up so quickly. Don't get me wrong...none of the burger was left on the plate but, sadly, some of the fries had to be abandoned. SIGH. If you are a vegetarian, there are some options on the menu for you too! In fact, their Truffle Grilled Cheese sounds divine!
 Of course that didn't stop us from having coffee. Not much stops me from trying the coffee. That was a very good thing here. So when coffee person recommends the coffee you know it's good stuff!
 The other thing I couldn't resist was the bread pudding. No one else in my family likes it so whenever I'm out I can't pass it up...especially when it has coffee in it. The Chocolate Espresso Bread Pudding was served with a bourbon anglaise. Even though I, basically, rolled out to our car it was SO good! Serious YUMM! 
 And that sums up Tarpy's. Serious YUMM surrounded by all sorts of garden beauty. It's perfect for that romantic getaway but it's also great for business meetings, events, even family dinners. The little guy with us was very happy to find the paper overlay on the tables came with crayons so he could draw away on the table while we enjoyed our amazing food. 

Oh, and that "French Bistro" idea. Yeah, I still stick with it...only let's call it an American Bistro...or, as they like to call it, Creative American Country Cuisine. Whichever you like is great as long as you take some time to stop by and give it a try when you are in the Monterey Bay Area., I wasn't given anything for this review. We just love the place and I love to share the perfect spots whenever I find them.

Next week we'll hit the beach! Lots of new stuff to share with you here in this area.In the meantime don't forget to click on these smaller photos so you can enjoy their larger versions and drop by to see me on Facebook or Instagram!



  1. Wow, this place seems so amazing!! Thanks for the reviews and these wonderful pictures. I also need recommendations for such amazing LA venues for my engagement ceremony. I wonder if you could suggest any venues!!

  2. @zerry ht The Ace Hotel in downtown LA has an amazing rooftop bar over looking the city. It would be an incredible place for an engagement ceremony!