Friday, May 24, 2013

In California we have gorgeous orange poppies that cover our hills every Spring. In Italy they have red poppies. The same flower just a beautiful red color. (with all of the photos you can just click on them to view them full screen)
 One of the very interesting things about Sicily is that it was once settled by the Greeks. This means that there are Greek Temples or Grecco-Roman Temples and ruins everywhere. 
 We were lucky enough to visit The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with Go Ahead. This is the Temple of Juno. 
In front of the Temple of Concordia was a sculpture. The sculpture is new, by the sculptor Igor Mitoraj, which was installed in 2011. I think he fits right in like he's been there 2000 years.
We also traveled out to Segesta. The entrance to the Amphitheater was a startling illusion. You feel like you could walk off the edge and right into the air. 
 The steps of the Amphitheater make you feel the same way. They are very very steep and I'm sure many, distracted by the amazing view have made it to the bottom the hard way.
On your way back down to the parking lots you are treated by this wonderful view of the Doric Temple of Segesta. And, no, it didn't lose it's roof, it never had one installed to begin with. Beautiful. 
 We were treated to a visit to the Medieval city of Erice. This beautiful town in the clouds is lovely at every turn, even the shops are picturesque.
We did have lunch at a lovely square but when we turned the corner and I saw this little cafe by the church I had a moment where my breath caught and I knew I had to have a photograph. For me it captures the "feel" of dining alfresco in this town.

More photos soon so I hope you will stop back by!


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