Saturday, May 25, 2013

Much of what makes Italy is the centuries old architecture but the scenery of the countryside, with it's rolling green hills, a random castle on this hilltop or that mountain top and the small vineyard or olive orchards also adds to the visual memories of this place. When we had originally planned out Italy trip we considered driving this ourselves but quickly discovered that it is SO much nicer having someone else doing the driving. (click on the photos to see the full size image)
 Sicily is known for many things, citrus groves, ceramics, wine and olive oil to name a few, but it's many archaeological sites offer a few unexpected treats. Dionysius Ear, located in Siracusa, Sicily, is one of those treats. Now, I'm a bit claustrophobic so entering a cave is a big deal for me but the acoustical wonders of this particular cave drew me in step by step. From the back of the cave you can whisper and those at the front can hear you like you are standing side by side. One of the reasons I love this photo.
 We stayed at the Villa Politi in Siracusa with Go Ahead. Built in 1862 by an Austrian noblewoman who married a well known Italian painter. The beauty of this place reflects her desire for elegance and his artistic details. This is one side of twin staircases that decorate the front of the villa.
 Many of the verandas lead to simple yet elegant architectural views such as this patio and yet another staircase to another area of the property.
 Cows, sheep, horses, tons of types of birds and butterflies dot the scenery of Sicily. I kept finding these wonderful little green lizards. They wouldn't exactly pose for me so it took several frames to catch this one particular shot.
Tomorrow I'll highlight a few photographs from Ortigia Island. This picturesque small town had many incredible views. I'll share just a few of those and some food art as well!

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