Saturday, June 15, 2013

As we entered Luzern a few things became apparent. One was that the architecture was going to be a real mishmash of styles and centuries. (click on the photo to see the larger size)
  The sheer age of this Guard building got me to thinking of the romantic tales knights and ladies.
 The other thing we first encountered here were the ornate wrought iron signage for the businesses in this area. It was to become my favorite "detail" of this trip.
 Ok, totally juvenile humor here. The happy chef with the sign that says "Heini" right behind his, well, heini, cracked me up.
But nothing touched my heart more than this Lion Monument. Honoring Swiss soldiers, this was set in a tiny park set back from the neighborhood. Shaped like a horseshoe with the lion being at the bottom of the U and the opening of the street at the top, this little park included beautiful trees and a pond with the Monument on the cliff face behind the water. The look on the lion's face was simply heartbreaking. Our Go Ahead Tour Group was just speechless. The moment you enter this little park it just seems right to be quiet, speak in whispers and soak up the peace.
 The different architecture was often side by side. Black Forest style right next to French on the very same block.
 But the details simply delight. From the grey of the building to the wine colored accents to the gold tipped finials, this building was stunning.
 We were there early morning, making our way down to the waterfront, so the shops were still closed and there were not many people around. This sense of serenity didn't change as the shops opened. It was lovely.
 The artistry was evident everywhere you looked. This door fascinated me so much I actually went up to touch it. It has so much detail carved into the wood that I was positive of two things. One, it would weight a ton and two, I would absolutely love it if it were on my house!
 Yes, I have a real "thing" about lions. I love finding them in all sorts of details. I totally loved this door handle with it's regal guardian keeping watch.
Often, when I travel, I keep a watch for patterns I would like to use on a cake someday. This one took my breath away. 

Monday we will head down to the waterfront and give you a little tour of  how beautiful that area is and make you wish you could hop a plane tomorrow to see it for yourself. Hope you can come back and join us!


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