Thursday, June 27, 2013

Unfortunately on this trip we only had a very short time in Innsbruck with Go Ahead. We arrived at around noon and spent the afternoon touring what we could that was within walking distance. This, fortunately, included Old Town which was located almost directly behind our hotel. You know how it is, location, location, location! (click on the photos to see the full sized version)
 On the way into town you began to get a glimpse of how amazing the Alps were and how amazing the view in the town was going to be. 
 Across from our hotel was the Inn River and on the opposite banks the lovely painted homes of Innsbruck. The name Innsbruck literally means Bridge over the Inn River. Behind those towered the Alps.
 We were told that, due to the weather patterns, we were being denied the "best" view of the Alps. If this was the "bad" view then I can only imagine how amazing it looks on a clear day.
 As we turned the corner from the main street into Old Town I noticed this doorknob. Too cool!
 A lot of the doorways were similar to this. Heavy carved wooden doors surrounded by stone facades with open arched tops. I have no idea the reason behind this design but we saw quite a bit of it here.
I loved the fact that you could "feel" the Tyrolian culture in the architecture. From the stone work to the painted details you would know exactly where you were if you had been blindfolded until you arrived there. Almost in the center of this photo you will see a pitched golden my next post I will take you further into Old Town and explain all about the Golden Roof and why it is so important to this place.


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