Monday, June 17, 2013

The walk from our hotel to the waterfront was a short one but we took a winding path so we could see all that these short blocks had to offer. Way before we even got to our destination we were thoroughly charmed. One of the things we love about Go Ahead is that you can walk around with your guide for awhile and then you have plenty of time to go out and wander on your own when the informational tour part is done. (Click on the photo to see the larger view)
One of the details I love about Europe is the desire they have to decorate even the smallest of spaces with little touches of color or texture. Such as the window boxes full of red geraniums here....
 or the hanging tongue of the sculpted head on this balcony support!
 This patio was part of a three story building. Each of the patios were painted on the ceiling like this one but only this one was open and not enclosed in glass. I love the idea of painting the ceiling like this. It looks ultra elegant along side the iron work and the columns. 
 I loved the ornate details of this clock but, truly, it's the baby butt that makes me laugh. Along with my lovely lions, there seem to be chubby babies everywhere. This one is apparently working on the clock!
 It isn't unusual to see two styles of buildings in one. Many were added on in spits and spurts over many centuries so you end up with combinations like this one of stone and brick.
 I only wished I could get close enough to really look at this balustrade. The design was incredibly intricate.
 The French obviously had a hand in quite a bit of the architecture around town. It is fairly hard not to be charmed by it's beauty.
 And it's amazingly easy to fall in love with a view like this and a city that is blessed with wild swans happily swimming in the lake. The original swans were a gift to the city from King Ludwig (yes, THAT King Ludwig..the one who built Neuschwanstein Castle)
 We walked the entire waterfront but were to come back to this spot once the tables were moved to the water side of the walk way and the restaurant was opened.
 The covered bridge wasn't all original. Some of it had been rebuilt after a nearly disastrous fire. But the top beams with their paintings and story were rescued.
 The French were not the only ones who influenced the architecture. We saw several moorish touches in this area as well. 
 The wooden covered bridge takes you over and then you can take this iron bridge back to the other side of the waterfront. I love the ornate painting on the building on the other side.
 Everywhere you stopped there was one more picturesque view after another. Even the lamps on the iron bridge were beautiful all by themselves.
 This is the view of the bridge from the other side of the covered bridge back towards "our" side of the city.
 After walking around we decided to rest and actually take some time to soak up the views of Luzern by taking a table at the water's side and enjoying a cappuccino and a croissant.
 As we enjoyed our coffee several swans came right up to us. I'm sure they were hoping for a bit of bread but they were still happy to just hover near us. 
Whatever their reason for hanging out near us, whether for the company or just begging for bread, they were beautiful. 
 This was our view of Mt. Pilatus from where we sat and enjoyed the morning. 
 A view of the turret from the other side of the waterfront looking back onto "our" side of town. The bridge is an auto bridge that is on the other side of the wooden covered bridge.

Wednesday we will head up to Mt. Pilatus! Hope you can come back and join us!


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