Thursday, June 6, 2013

We began our trip in Heidelberg, Germany. Each Go Ahead tour is part bus tour but mostly a walking tour so we walked over the "downtown" section of historic Heidelberg and then up to the castle. (click on the photos for a full size view)
 This building is actually the University in Heidelberg. The entire building is like this one doorway, filled with details! 
 There are two gorgeous statues that flank the entryway of the University building. I loved the gauze effect of her wrap and gown and, not a little bit, her rightfully adoring fan.
 Inside was this spiral staircase. You are actually looking up towards the ceiling and not down to the lobby in this photograph.
 One of the joys of Europe is the colors. Everywhere you walk is a new palette. This is leading into the courtyard of one of the churches in town.
 This is the inside of the Presbyterian Church in Heidelberg. I was charmed by the gorgeous chandeliers.
 These real silver candlesticks had just been returned to the church after being stolen and missing for a few years. All I know is that they are beautiful against the multi-toned marble.
I've decided that I need my own personal park to hold all the different types of lights and lamps I have found on my travels. But what I love the most is the painting in the window behind the lampposts. The Black Madonna overlooks the church square and with the added detail of the flower box it seems right at home.

Sunday we'll head up to the Castle so you can enjoy the views. Hope you will come back and join us!


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